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Sasori [Marionette Savant] - PR069 - Super Rare

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PROMO (PR) - SERIE 20.5 - Ultimate Battle Chibi Collectors Tin Single


"Art is a work of beauty, captured and left for posterity... It is the beauty of all eternity."



Card Effect:


Valid: During your Mission Phase, you can pay 2 Chakra. In that case, place 1 coin in play (symbolizing a "Puppet" Ninja) with the following: [Power: 0/0 (Healthy and Injured), "Puppet"/Non-Unique]


Type: Ninja

Symbol(s): Wind/Earth
Card Number: PR-069

Turn: 5

Hand Cost: 1

Caracteristics: Akatsuki | Rogue Ninja | Jonin | Male | Mental Power: 3 | Puppet Master | AMBUSH

Attribute: Manipulation

Healed Power: 5/4

Injured Power: 2/3

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