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Naruto Uzumaki & Hinata Hyuga - PR-041 - (Foil/Platinum Letter) Promo

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Disponibilidade: Esgotado


Descrição Rápida



"Hey, Hinata! Why are you hiding?"

"I'm not ready for this yet..."



Card Effect


At the begining of your opponent's Mission Phase, you can put this Ninja card in play by removing your in-play "Naruto Uzumaki" and "Hinata Hyuga" from game. (The Entrance cost must be met.) In that case, your opponent cannot put in play any Ninja cards during this turn.


Type: Ninja

Symbol(s): Lightning/Earth
Card Number: PR-041

Turn: 3

Hand Cost: 0

Caracteristics: Leaf | Genin | Chunin | Male | Female | Clone Status | Byakugan | Mental Power: 2 | Squad

Attribute: Oil/Taijutsu

Healed Power: 4/3

Injured Power: 7/3



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