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Shino Aburame [Insect Barrage] - 1323 - Super Rare

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Descrição Rápida

Super Rare (SR) - SERIE 23 - Invasion


"You're finished either way."



Card Effect


[Valid | Mission](2): Place a 0/0 Insect Ninja coin into play. Valid: When an Insect Ninja is removed from play, look at the top 2 cards of your opponent's Deck and return them to the top or the bottom in any order.


Type: Ninja

Symbol(s): Wind
Card Number: N-1323

Turn: 1

Hand Cost: 0

Caracteristics: Leaf | Genin | Male Mental Power: 1 | GROWTH

Attribute: Insect

Healed Power: 2/2

Injured Power: 0/0

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