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The 4th Hokage - N-1241 - Super Rare

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Disponibilidade: Esgotado


Descrição Rápida

Super Rare (SR) - SERIE 22 - Weapons of War


"You'll find the answer."



Card Effect


[EOJ]Discard 2 Lightning cards and place this Ninja card from your hand into 1 of your Battling Teams: Injure 1 opposing Ninja. At the end of the turn, move this Ninja to your hand.


Type: Ninja

Symbol(s): Lightning
Card Number: N-1241

Turn: 6

Hand Cost: 1

Caracteristics: Leaf | Satoosa | Male | Mental Power: 2 | MASTERY

Attribute: Oil

Healed Power: 5/3

Injured Power: 5/5

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