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Determination of Men - 618 - Super Rare

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Disponibilidade: Esgotado


Descrição Rápida

Super Rare (SR) - SERIE 16 - Broken Promise


"Let's save Rin now!" "Yeah!"



Card Effect

Effect: Select up to 3 of your "Male" only Ninjas. Then, remove those Ninjas from their Teams. During this turn, those selected Ninjas cannot be Teamed with any other Ninja(s), and must be sent out to Battle, if possible. At the end of this turn, draw 1 card for each of those NInjas that still remains in play end of this turn, if any of them are injured, you can change any or all of them to healthy status.


Type: Mission 

Symbol(s):  Fire

Card Number: M-618

Turn: 3

Hand Cost: 1

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