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Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation - 787 - Super Rare

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Descrição Rápida

Super Rare (SR) - SERIE 20 - Tales of the Gallant Sage


"Now then, shall we get started?"



Card Effect

Requirements: Water + Entrance cost of 4 or more

Target: 1 Ninja card in any Discard Pile.

Effect: Move the target into the user's Team in any position. At the end of the turn remove that Ninja from the game.

Expert [Orochimaru]: Do not remove that Ninja from the game instead. (If the user of this Jutsu is (x), apply this effect when the Jutsu resolves.)


Type: Jutsu

Symbol(s): Water

Card Number: J-787

Cost: 2 Water 1 Any

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